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F2 Low Pygmy Scale | Custom Handpans


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The F2 Low Pygmy scale has a highly resonant and mysterious quality, perfect for immersive and atmospheric musical experiences. Its central note is one octave lower than the standard F3 scale, producing a deep and resonant sound ideal for meditation, sound healing, and ambient music settings.


  • 9-Note: F2 / F, G, Ab, C, Eb, F, G, Ab

šŸ’—Let the sound of your dream resonate with you!

  • Production time is approximately 2 weeks, varying based on craftsmanship complexity.
  • Details will be confirmed via email before production, and a live video of the completed instrument will be sent for your approval.
  • We offer a 24-month warranty if the instrument detunes due to transportation or lack of maintenance.


Scale F2 Low Pygmy
Note 9
Tuning F2 / F, G, Ab, C, Eb, F, G, Ab
Hertz 440 Hz or 432 Hz
Diameter (approx) 22 Inches (55 cm)

*Custom product, images for reference only.

We encourage creativity and hope to see more handpan enthusiasts create unique musicšŸŽµ.

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Customization Guide:

  1. 1. Choose theĀ number of notesĀ that will grace your handpan.
  2. 2. Opt for the preferredĀ frequency and craftingĀ materialsĀ for the perfect sound.
  3. 3. Pick theĀ color and appearanceĀ that best reflects your style.
  4. 4. Leave your engraving message (optional).

If your desired handpan is notĀ included in the optionsĀ above, please consider ourĀ āœØfullĀ customizationāœØĀ service.

Enjoy your handpan with šŸŽFree $269 of accessories:
1x transparent hardcase ($150.00) - FREE
1x pair of mallets ($19.90) - FREE
1x cleaning cloth ($5.10) - FREE
1x handpan stand ($54.00) - FREE
1x braided decorative rope ($40.00) - FREE

FREE Global Express Delivery by FedEx, DPD, UPS, and EMS.

Ā· Production Time: aroundĀ 2 weeks. (The specific time will be notified via email.)

Ā· Shipping Time: 4-12 business days, depending on your region.

Please note that custom handpans cannot be returned once shipped. Thus we provide video proof before shipping and 24-month Warranties.

1. For double-sided custom handpans, the dimples on the bottom shell will NOT be plated with gold or silver.
2. Every handpan is handcrafted, making each one's timbre and appearance unique. No two handpans are exactly alike!
3. Orders in our store are processed in USD. Displayed prices in other currencies are for reference. The actual checkout price is based on the real-time exchange rate.

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Purely Handmade

From shaping to tuning, eco-friendly


Great sound, soothing & peaceful

Perfect Gift

Easy-to-play, inspiring for everyone

Frequently asked questions

For custom handpans, the production period is aboutĀ 2 weeks. We will send you a video for confirmation upon completion, and only proceed withĀ shipping after receiving your approval. Delivery time is around 4-12 business daysĀ depending on your region.Ā You'll receiveĀ tracking informationĀ via email upon dispatch. Please note that these timelines are estimates and can vary based on factors like customs processing.

We assure the quality and tuning of our handpans through a 24-month warranty, covering free re-tuning, adhesive repairs, and re-nitriding coloration. This warranty is comprehensive, yet shipping costs for service are the responsibility of the customer. We also offer a special exchange service within this period under certain conditions. For more warranty details, please click here.

The differences between nitrided steel handpans and stainless steel handpans are as follows:

Ā· Sustain:

  • Nitrided - shorter sustain
  • Stainless - very long sustain

Ā· Rust Resistance:Ā 

  • Nitrided - improved rust resistance
  • Stainless - the most rust resistance

Ā· Timbre:

  • Nitrided - warm, balanced & ceramic
  • Stainless - bright, soothing & ethereal

Ā· Dynamic Range:Ā 

Nitrided - versatile, isolated tones make it more percussive and emotive

Stainless - resonant, harmonic tones make it louder and full of energy

Ā· Look:

  • Nitrided - darker colors: like black, purple & red
  • Stainless - various colors with our new surface-nitriding process: silver, golden, copper bronze, blue & green

440Hz and 432Hz are distinct tuning standards for musical instruments. 440Hz, known as "Concert Pitch," sets A4 at 440 hertz, commonly used across modern instruments. Alternatively, 432Hz tuning lowers A4 to 432 hertz, yielding a deeper, warmer sound.

Ā· 440Hz handpans fit most musical contexts, ideal for playing with other instrumentsĀ in performance, recording, and education.

Ā· 432Hz handpans are more suitable for performers seeking a specific auditory experience, such as those requiring special emotional or healing effects.

Choosing between 440Hz and 432Hz mainly depends on your personal preference and performance goals. If you want to play with other instruments or to ensure your performance is acceptable in most musical settings, 440Hz might be the safer choice. If you are interested in the healing properties of 432Hz, or mainly perform solo and are attracted by the unique charm of this frequency, then 432Hz mightĀ suitĀ your needs.

We bring your unique handpan to life without the hassle of complicated charges. Here's everything you need to knowĀ about the HandpanUni customization price.

  • Ā· Base Price:Ā Starting at $800 USD for a 9-note Artisan Pure D Kurd handpan.
  • Ā· Handcrafting Fee: Depending on the Center Note (Ding) of the custom handpan, as shown in the chart below.
  • Ā· Additional Note (Based on the 9-note) Cost:

Each additional A2 & higher note: +$100Ā USD
Each additional G#2 & lower note: +$150Ā USD

  • Ā· Material & Frequency options: No Extra Fees
  • Ā· Color & Appearance:Ā The customization fee variesĀ depending on the production process.

This setup ensures you can easily tailor your handpan to match your musical expression and style, all while keeping track of your budget.Ā For any scenarios not covered in this price guide, our explanations shall prevail.

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