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"Desert" | The Nature

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When playing "Desert", you will seem to see a mysterious sea of sand being created. Its sound is light and penetrating, helping you escape the hustle and bustle of reality and find inner peace and tranquility. Whether it's meditation to enhance the mind or music therapy to purify the soul, "Desert" can easily achieve it.

It's made of high-quality stainless steel with polishing in detail. The surface's light and dark brown pattern is like the undulating dunes, seeming to take you on a fantasy journey, exploring the unknown yourself.

  • Light and melodious sound: easy-to-play; beginner-friendly
  • Creative aesthetics: bronze color with the polished pattern, classic but unique.
  • Healing companion: Ideal for outdoor meditation
  • Stainless steel material: rust-resistant and easy to maintain
  • Craftsmanship upgrade: thoroughly polished to create a sense of light and shadow

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Series The Nature
Scale D Kurd
Note 10
Tuning D3 / A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, A, C
Hertz 440 Hz or 432 Hz
Diameter (approx) 22 Inches (55 cm)
Material Stainless Steel
Color Bronze


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Purely Handmade

From shaping to tuning, eco-friendly


Great sound, soothing & peaceful

Perfect Gift

Easy-to-play, inspiring for everyone

Frequently asked questions

Handpans in stock typically ship within 1-3 business days, arriving in 4-12 business days depending on your region. You'll receive tracking information via email upon dispatch. Please note that these timelines are estimates and can vary based on factors like customs processing.

We assure the quality and tuning of our handpans through a 24-month warranty, covering free re-tuning, adhesive repairs, and re-nitriding coloration. This warranty is comprehensive, yet shipping costs for service are the responsibility of the customer. We also offer a special exchange service within this period under certain conditions. For more warranty details, please click here.

440Hz and 432Hz are distinct tuning standards for musical instruments. 440Hz, known as "Concert Pitch," sets A4 at 440 hertz, commonly used across modern instruments. Alternatively, 432Hz tuning lowers A4 to 432 hertz, yielding a deeper, warmer sound.

· 440Hz handpans fit most musical contexts, ideal for playing with other instruments in performance, recording, and education.

· 432Hz handpans are more suitable for performers seeking a specific auditory experience, such as those requiring special emotional or healing effects.

Choosing between 440Hz and 432Hz mainly depends on your personal preference and performance goals. If you want to play with other instruments or to ensure your performance is acceptable in most musical settings, 440Hz might be the safer choice. If you are interested in the healing properties of 432Hz, or mainly perform solo and are attracted by the unique charm of this frequency, then 432Hz might suit your needs.

Absolutely. You can search and choose your preferred scale, number of notes, and appearance from our handpan scale list. Or you can simply email us your favorite scale arrangement, and we will tell you if it is possible. For all custom handpans, we will send you a live video for confirmation upon completion, and only proceed with shipping after receiving your approval.

Regular maintenance of your handpan is important to ensure the sound quality and longevity of the instrument. Here are some tips for maintaining your handpan:

1. Avoid impacts and scratches: Handpans are fragile, so it is essential to protect them from impacts and scratches.

2. Clean your handpan: After each session, clean your instrument with the soft cloth provided. Also, remember to oil your handpan once a month with phonix oil.

3. Protect it from humidity: If you have a nitrided steel handpan, it may rust from humidity. Avoid exposing your handpan to humid environments and dry it promptly if it comes into contact with water. A stainless steel handpan is not very sensitive to humidity.

4. Don't hit too hard: Handpans are designed to produce soft, delicate sounds. Avoid playing too loudly, as this can damage the notes and affect sound quality.

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